April 9th, 2021 Update

The Centre is partially open (by appointment only) for footcare and takeout/delivery of soup and meals.
Footcare appointments are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please call 204-987-8850 to make an appointment. We will be looking at our other programs and making further announcements in the coming weeks, so please stay tuned. We appreciate your patience as we navigate reopening slowly and safely!

Although the Centre is still closed for drop-in at this time, we are still able to be a resource to you and have many online programs planned for you to take part in. Please call 204-987-8850 or send an email to [email protected]

Thanks for your understanding and support during this difficult and constantly changing time. 


Who We Are


Our Mission

St. James Assiniboia 55+ Centre
Culture Statement

“To encourage older adults to improve their quality of life by providing educational, recreational, health and social opportunities.”

Fostering a Culture of Caring:

As a community that cares about the people we serve and its mission we recognize that it is important to talk about what we believe. Outlining key points of what we want to be for and to each other gives all of us direction and important marker points that help us understand the culture of caring that we want to intentionally promote here at the St. James Assiniboia 55+ Centre.

As a result we at the St. James Assiniboia 55+ Centre:

1. Recognize that our people (members, staff, volunteers, guests) are coming from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences and we intentionally make room for all.

2. Commit to treating each other with kindness and respect. Standing up for others when we see them being mistreated and helping each other when needed.

3. Realize that differences sometimes lead to conflict but as these conflicts take place we will:

a. Address our issues and concerns directly with the source in a kind way seeking mutual understanding and respect of differences all the while looking for middle ground.
b. Refrain from talking/gossiping with others about our conflicts
c. Seek help from staff when we feel advice is needed or the situation requires 3rd party help and/or intervention

Our commitment to support and care for each other is at the very heart of our mission and cornerstone of the kind of people we want to be to each other. Just as schools today do not tolerate the mistreatment and bullying of others we too will not allow other members, staff or volunteers to be treated with disrespect. Anyone who is unable to follow the above guidelines will be given the opportunity to correct their behavior but failure to follow through will result in termination of membership.

Our Funding Partners

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
Manitoba Association of Senior Centres
Winnipeg Foundation
Manitoba Community Services Council

Our Sponsors

Assiniboine Pharmacy
Chapel Lawn Funeral Home
Desjardins Financial
Security Investments

Team Brown